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Brixton Fall 2014

Posted on August 24 2014

There are a few brands in the world that can be identified with a simple look. Occasionally you need to step closer and cop a feel, but the easy brands to pick out are few and far between. No matter how many feels you cop. This is not something that happens by accident, or mistake. The brands that manage to make it happen in this day and age however, are simply the stuff of legend.

One such brand is Brixton who, through humble beginnings, have managed to cultivate one of the world’s most sought after lifestyle apparel brands. This is a company who appears to be of the mindset that less is more. It’s the type of thing that will lead you to potentially make fewer products than your competitors, but with a quality that is second to none.

While their product line has expanded since their inception in 2004, the collection of apparel and accessories bearing the Brixton label are some of the most long-lasting, best fitting and timeless items you may ever get your hands on. As Brixton themselves put it their goods are “constructed with the commitment to bringing the customer a high quality and limited product that they’ll want to hold onto forever.”

The line for fall 2014 has proven to be no exception, as the company has once again put forward a range that caters to the wide variety of tastes and flavors that their eclectic fan base has. There is literally something for everyone in this line, from the most solid of basics, to the type of pieces that will turn heads and everything in between. Of course, as is always the case, there are plenty of staples that will be perfect for when the weather inevitably changes once again.

Don’t sleep on this stuff, because if you do, you’ll find yourself in a never-ending search for something that, in the end, simply can’t match up.


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