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Marshall Artist

Posted on March 08 2014


Another point that was brought up during the rather detailed clothing conversation the other day was the evolution of individual style. Whether it’s patters, colors, cuts or brands that move like a revolving door, it seems personal fashion is never quite finished. For instance, I find myself currently waking up, almost every morning and dawning the most basic things I can. This is a far cry from my days of selling snowboards, when my get-ups consisted of the loudest possible pieces I could get my hands on. Most of which were incredibly ill fitting.

It may seem like natural progression, that doing something so ridiculous would drive a person to eventually tone things down a little. I’m not sure that was the case for me, as much as it was that I just started copycatting different people. In any case, this journey has led me to a place where the focus rests on a different set of qualities than it would have, even just a few years ago.


The nice thing about basics is, they are a great way to force the pieces to do the talking. Craftsmanship becomes paramount because it simply cannot be ignored. There is nothing else that can be used as a focal point and as a result, the details really are all that matters.

There are a handful of brands that have embraced this and few have done it better than Marshall Artist out of the UK. The brand, whose focus is “modern tailoring” has been around since 2001 and in that time they have become a favorite of fashionable celebs like David Beckham and Noel Gallagher just to name a few. They have also graced the pages of publications like GQ and ID, certainly not by accident.

Accumulating these kinds of accolades with pieces that can be looked at as rather simple is an accomplishment. This comes thanks in large part to the attention to details that MA places first. Staple pieces are something everyone should take seriously and clothiers like Marshall Artist make those pieces something that you can truly be proud of.


There’s always room to make a little noise


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