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Zanerobe Sureshot…Best. Pants. Ever

Posted on March 03 2014

I got in a rather in depth conversation the other day about options that would expand my wardrobe beyond the comfort of traditional denim pants. Needless to say, as a fairly standard “jeans and t-shirt” type guy, this conversation scared me a little in its initial stages. It began as most great things do, with a simple suggestion, an idea that sits somewhere outside the box. My friendly neighborhood shop-keeps had coaxed me into trying on a pair of Zanerobe Sureshot pants, as they are designed to accentuate a slender body type like mine. Once I made my way into the pants, I began to question how they would fit into a rather mundane wardrobe. That’s where the fun began.

We started to explore options that would work with my existing staple items, which just so happen to be mostly basics. Turns out, it was a match made in drop-crotch heaven and every look we toyed with was as close to perfection as my looks are ever going to get. As fate would have it the Sureshot is as easy to wear as they come, with a comfort level that rivals your favourite pair of worn out university sweats. The difference here lies in the fact that the “airplane pant” as they are sometimes referred to can be worn in an infinitely higher number of public settings; like anywhere.

Forget stepping out in your Russell dishrags, paired with shower sandals. The Zanerobe Sureshot lets you jump off the couch, throw on almost any footwear you’ve got handy and stunt on all your shmuck friends without breaking stride.


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