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Staple Holiday 2013

Posted on November 17 2013


At this point, it should no longer come as a surprise that Jeff Staple and his iconic pigeon brand are one of the best in the world when it comes to pumping out lines and collections which are both ground-breaking and timeless. Using unique design subtleties and their one-of-a-kind aesthetic Staple continues to produce a product range, which is wearable in all seasons and appeals to a broad range of styles. At the same time their mark of the bird is unmistakably NYC, yet they have somehow managed to transcend this fact and further harness its power to draw in an audience that spans the globe.


For the holiday 2013 drop, Staple takes into account all of these factors and produces yet another bunch of clothing that perfectly embodies what it is they do. Aiming to grow the aforementioned audience, this season like in others before, they have employed the near universality of both the change in seasons and the pigeon. Anyone on the prairies can relate to the color palette Staple presents in this line with blazing reds and oranges complimented by stark blacks and blues, which seem ever-present this time of year.


Staple holiday 2013 is made up of pieces, which are as wearable as they are stylish during our extended fall/winter period. Lending themselves to layering, adding warmth and fitting right in with all the seasonal nuances we know and love around these parts. So as I sit and look over the newest offering from one of New York’s creative geniuses, trying to find a fitting way to bring yet another rant to a close, the shock and awe are subsiding. I am now left with just one, unanswered question: What will Staple come up with next?



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