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Brixton Holiday 2013

Posted on October 24 2013

When it comes to doing things their own way, there are few companies in the marketplace who fully embrace this better than Brixton. Recently it has become common place for a brand to use overly “heritage” looking imagery or play on the fact that the majority of their stuff could be bought in a thrift shop, without ever really having the proper vintage to stand behind these claims.

Unlike their less than authentic counterparts, Brixton has been doing things this way from the very beginning. Now, multiple seasons into their existence they are looking to cement themselves in this space even further, releasing their holiday 2013 collection. In this range we are treated to more of the same for the lifestyle staple as they continue to bring forward pieces that are wearable and stylish, being inspired by the rugged ways of the old west.

Seen in the collection is everything from pants, to wovens, t-shirts to headwear not to mention some classic Brixton accessories. The coolest thing about a brand like Brixton is that their offerings transcend not only trends but also seasons. By avoiding the often constraining over use of cliché patterns and materials, the brand allows themselves to remain relevant by never really creating anything destine to go away.

The fact that the brand remains mostly muted in the styling’s and more or less understated at all times plays perfectly into the fall and winter seasons, a time when even the most vibrantly styled tend to reign things in and go for a more tonal, earthy vibe with their looks.

Perhaps the cherry on top of the cake that is this versatile clothing collection is the fact that when it really comes down to it, Brixton seems to only be getting cooler as the seasons progress. As you can clearly see from the visuals, Brixton is as badass as ever and show no signs of slowing down.


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