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The Hundreds Winter 2013

Posted on October 16 2013


The Hundreds has been an integral part of the streetwear fold since their inception 10 years ago. Over the years there have been plenty of trends come and go as this industry has journeyed toward it’s current state, making stops to ponder things like all-over prints, baggy and skinny cuts, and a plethora of things in between. One thing that The Hundreds has done well from the very beginning is to recognize these trends and use them properly, nearly without fail each and every time.

Whether it is vibrant colors and patterns, the use of textured materials or a potentially gimmicky way of creating a product, everything to come out of The Hundreds camp has been meticulously plotted and planned by their team. This ensures that while it is at the tip of what is popular at any given time, their entire line remains relevant seasons and years down the road. This is a way of thinking that has brought the company to the forefront of the segment, and will undoubtedly carry them forward for decades to come.


A way of forward thinking such as this, serves the company well in maintaining their current position in the marketplace. It also helps their entire creative department (which presumably includes everyone) to stay on their toes doing everything in their power to make sure each piece is as good as it can possibly be. It is also the very mentality which has produced their winter 2013 collection, in my eyes, one of their most well-rounded to date. This offering seems to have taken everything the brand has learned about color, cut, fit and texture and wrapped it in one contemporary package, which will certainly be on many people’s wish list this coming season.


Included in the line are jackets and layering pieces, which while they have been designed in California are definite necessities for those of us who spend our time on the prairies each winter. Alongside those obvious pieces are the usual tees, wovens, headwear and accessories that have made the brand as popular as it now is. The color palette is ideal for the season, remaining muted and versatile, allowing you to wear pieces on a regular if not daily basis.

Moral of this somewhat extended story? The Hundreds still rules, wear their new stuff.



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