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Naked & Famous – Original Innovation

Posted on September 13 2013

The concept of an original idea seems to be becoming more and more cliché. Every time you turn around it feels like there is another artist, another brand, another so-called creative doing something that they market as unique and outstanding, which in actual fact, it’s highly manufactured and far from the goal. The world of fashion falls victim to this every day as company after company attempts to cash in on a trend by putting their own twist on a classic.

The nice thing about all of this is that there exists a flip side to the manufacturing of cliché “originals”. There are a handful of brands who are currently on the market, that seem to have the sole purpose of sticking to the true meaning of original and actually create and innovate in order to do so. One such manufacturer was born right here in Canada and continues to make a splash on the world stage as they, time after time show the entire industry new and exciting, original product.

The brand I’m speaking about is of course, Naked & Famous. Their line of rare and raw denim products dazzles, blows minds and inspires on a seasonal basis, thanks to all the interesting ideas they conjure up breathing new life into the denim world. In the video showcase here, we are treated to some truly insightful words from the masterminds behind the forward thinking pant-producer and hopefully in the process, we can become a little more inspired to originate a few things of our own.

So watch the video and remember that there is always something you can be doing to really stand out when and where you want to. There are no set guidelines as to what makes an original idea catchy or cool. So do what you feel. At the end of the day you never really know what crazy idea might be the next big thing.


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