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C’mon Nike, Women Need Love Too

Posted on July 30 2013

Sneaker culture. Yeah I’m ’bout it ’bout it. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that what goes on my feet helps define part of my personality. Who would have thought that foot protectors would be come such an expression of culture and times? From function to fashion, shoes are a necessary part of the urban lifestyle. For some, it’s an appreciation. For others, it’s an obsession. I know there’s a few of you out there who know what it’s like to finally find the pair you’ve been searching for. On the flip-side, you would also know the feeling of disappointment when the salesperson says, “Oh I’m sorry, we don’t have your size.”


Hence is the story of the 2 Emilies… well, kind of. Emily (Hodgson) and Emilie (Riis), both sneaker fans living in the UK, were looking for pairs of Nike Trainers to workout in. But unfortunately, every pair they wanted did not come in women’s sizes! As their search continued, so did their frustration. They began to notice that somewhere in swoosh central there’s been an oversight… that Nike predominantly caters to a male market. All the styles they loved only came in men’s sizes. This disappointment fuelled the Emilies to do something about it! They created a social media campaign that includes a website called Purple Unicorn Planet. It’s a sneaker site that features a few of Nike’s hottest trainers but lets you know that they are NOT available in women’s sizes and urges you to let the ‘Empire’ know by heading to Twitter using the hashtag #PleaseJustDoIt.


By no means is it an attack on Nike but to make it known to them that there is an untapped market of females that love kicks just as much as men do… and are willing to throw money at them… just as men do. Working at an ad agency (18 Feet & Rising) definitely helped the ladies in leveraging the Internet to gain momentum. The campaign proved that they weren’t alone in this fight. Their website received 2000+ hits in the first 12 hours with visitors from around the world. They have yet to hear from Nike but that won’t stop them from trying to get you to do the same. So if you happen to be in the same shoes as these girls (#seewhatididthere), join the movement and follow them on Twitter at @PunicornP and tweet with the hashtag #PleaseJustDoIt. You never know. They might just do it.




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