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Herschel Fall 2013 : Video Lookbook

Posted on July 15 2013

Herschel has spent the last few years becoming a staple in the accessory market, not only because of their heritage-inspired looks, but also thanks to the authenticity of their pieces, which stems from great attention to detail and top-notch functionality. With the lifestyle market the way it is this day and age, staying progressive and continuing to move forward with many brands emulating what has made you successful is not always an easy thing to do. However, with the introduction of their collection for the fall of 2013 it appears as though Herschel has once again remained a step ahead.

By continuing to push their staple bags and accessories, Herschel has served to cement themselves in this segment. This season offering both long-lasting fans as well as the casual customer items which you can take ownership of now, and make use of long into the future. Always keeping their heritage at top of mind, the brand has yet again found new ways to express a look and purvey a culture based on the excellence of subtlety and the importance of timeless design.

As a result of things like tonal leather detail, a stark contrast to the natural appearance which is usually dawned by Herschel bags, as well as evolving silhouettes that further increase function, the Canadian manufacturer has been allowed to move into and beyond the fall of 2013, while maintaining the things that have seen them come this far.

In their latest lookbook offering, we see the brand put these new pieces and looks to work in a similar fashion to what has been done before. This time around it is done with notes of a slightly darker feel, which is likely intended to add appeal for a gloomier season than the one we are currently enveloped in.

Whatever the reason for the video’s aesthetic, it appears once again to have succeeded. Herschel has brought to us another striking and beautiful piece, at the centre of which is a new lineup of bags you will surely want to get your hands on when thoughts of returning to school and grey-skied commutes once again enter the equation.


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