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Sitka Hobo Knife

Posted on July 08 2013

It really is the little things that count. When I was in high school, we had a terrific Outdoor Education teacher who was granted permission to take our class on a week-long camping trip in northern Saskatchewan. This was a big deal for our small town high school of only 28 students. Though I learned a lot of useful skills on that particular trip (mostly, how to NOT get eaten by a bear) the most important thing I took away from the trip was that quality will overpower appearance. Every, single, freaking, time.

Lucky for us, the designers at Sitka share the pain of having unattractive but durable equipment and brought us The Sitka Hobo Knife, to use instead. This knife is a unique piece that will stand out among your other adventure gear and stand up to the wear and tear that you are sure to force upon it. Created in British Columbia, Sitka makes pieces for the hard forest of the West as well as the trendy streets of Vancouver.
The Hobo Knife is a collaborative effort between Sitka and CaseXX, producing a USA-made tool. In addition to three utensils, the multi-tool features an oak handle branded with ‘Sitka’ and custom engraved ‘Hoboglyphs’. Very cool stuff.

So please, say good-bye to having to choose between style and function. You can have both. You really can.



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