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Sitka : Now Made In Canada

Posted on July 08 2013

How good does it feel when you are getting ready to walk out the door to meet friends, or settle into a comfy night at home and you pull on that favorite Sitka hoodie of yours? I know you’re aware of this feeling because even if you don’t have a Sitka hood of your own (which you should) you have likely poached one from a friend on occasion.

Well it is thanks to the success of pieces like these incredible hoodies that the western Canada-based Sitka has been able to do something that literally every apparel manufacturer wishes they could. To celebrate our great country, and it’s birthday, Sitka has brought home the production of certain pieces for the entire month of July.

Not only does this save on the impact that their production has caused because of the lessened footprint of logistics, but it also helps local Canadian artisans do what they love by creating beautiful garments. Comfortable, stylish, and a great reflection of the person you are, along with your style, Sitka just might be the best company for you to be sporting this season.

So, as if you needed any more incentive to get out and grab yourself a little bit of Canadian fashion at it’s finest, you can now smile at the fact that those pieces you love so much are now produced right here at home.

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