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Making Jeans By Hand With Levi’s Master Tailor

Posted on July 03 2013

Creativity, originality, passion, detail and craftsmanship. These are all words that come to mind when we think of products that we would like to own, use and keep for years. They are, however, a rare combination when it comes to current products in the marketplace, thanks to inflated production costs and the desire to increase bottom line for business owners and shareholders.

There are however, a few brands that exist in the world of lifestyle fashion, whose heart remains in a good place and amidst the chaos of trying to stay profitable, while at the same time not turning your back on the people who got them where they are today. One of these companies has been around for generations and in the process has gained a global following that rivals the best of the best, not just in this industry, but fashion and clothing in general.

The company I’m speaking of is, in fact, Levi’s, whose reputation is enough to stand on, but something that they have never rested on for a second in the constant pursuit of high-end denim that is accessible to everyone, the world over. Yes, as is the case with many other manufacturers they still create a high volume of product, but the difference for Levi’s is where these volume pieces are born from and the video featured here contains that answer.

It’s a piece that was put together by Complex Magazine and sees Levi’s Master Tailor of their Made To Order program Ryan Grant-Hays create a custom pair of jeans for Complex Senior Editor Noah Johnson with each and every detail being mulled over to ensure that the finished product is a true thing of beauty and a bonafide masterpiece which could only come from the likes of Levi’s.

Perhaps the best part of this video is that it shows the attention to detail that the company holds paramount, making it easy to see where the overall quality of the line comes from. Enjoy the video and keep things like fit, denim quality, and where the product is coming from in your mind the next time you head out to pick up a pair of pants.



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