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Patrick O’Dell For Altamont : What A Loser

Posted on July 03 2013

Patrick O’Dell is a self-professed loser. Not that it’s a bad thing. Because really, in a way, all it does is take the pressure off what comes with being one of the cool kids. There is no one constantly watching to see what you are wearing, or, what you are listening to, or, what you must constantly be aware of. With this label comes the freedom to do whatever you want; whatever makes you happiest, in the moment.

At the core of it all, this seems to be what Altamont is about as a brand. With a slogan like ‘Cut From a Different Cloth’ it is easy to see that they have never really placed an importance on fitting in with the ‘status quo’. Maybe this is what has made them so successful. The fact that they don’t really take the time to care what anyone else thinks is a very attractive quality, especially when you are shopping for ways to express your own flavor and personality.

The combination of these two things is likely why Patrick O’Dell and Altamont are such a great fit, and work so well off of one another. Neither party really cares about opinion, but rather places a focus on individuality and creating pieces that show the world as they see it. Nowhere is this better reflected than in the current lineup of Altamont product, and this will continue to be the case as future collections are released from the brand.

When you don’t worry about what is ‘cool’ or what may be on point with the latest trends, you often end up creating them purely by accident, and that might be one of the coolest things possible.

Enjoy this piece on O’Dell by Altamont and remember that being a loser is cool.

“Dude, you can wear whatever you want.” -Colter Wood


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