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The Hundreds x Hawaii

Posted on June 14 2013

When it comes to brands in the world of street wear, it is no secret to anyone that inspiration is key. If your label, or the messaging that it carries lacks weight, it is more than likely that the amount of success you see will be effected. In the same breathe; if the moral, values and overall vibe of your company are as authentic as possible you have the makings of a hit.

A perfect example of the latter is The Hundreds who have built their product line based on a family concept, which, like many other California brands is based on the real aspects of the lifestyle, rather than ones, which are manufactured with the intention of making a quick buck.

Over the years, The Hundreds family has grown and along with it have the interests, passions, talents and therefore inspiration that comes from them. More recently this has come to include a favorite spot of brand co-founder, Bobby Hundreds, in the way of an island nation known as Hawaii.

The amount of things to muse over in this part of the world are as plentiful as the beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine and incredible pieces of native culture. Come to think of it, those are actually a few of the things you might find amusing.

So when Bobby, Ben and Co. made their way to The Aloha State, you knew what their travels held in store would be nothing short of incredible. Incredible in this case however, may be a bit on an understatement on my part. In the videos seen here, The Hundreds crew hits many of the islands areas that may not be on the tourist hot list. As a result we are treated to a few of the many things that have influenced The Hundreds x Hawaii Collection and will likely continue to influence many pieces from the brand moving forward.


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