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Wake Up Pretty.

Posted on June 09 2013

Perhaps it was because both my brothers were graced with long, thick, luxurious lashes that any girl would be envious of. Perhaps it was that natural tendency to improve yourself after a breakup. Perhaps it was the frustration of clumpy mascara. Regardless of motive, it was a biting curiosity that I felt destined to explore and I was ready to embark into the latest beauty fad—Eye Lash Extensions.

nicki-minaj-covers-black-book - Copy

Admittedly, as a lash-extension virgin, I was nervous. I kept imagining myself leaving the appointment looking like Nicki Minaj, with spider-leg eyes. But when I walked into the spa and saw all the girls batting their long luscious lashes at me, all my Nicki Minaj nightmares fell away. The technician had me lay down on a massage bed. After taping down my bottom lashes, she asked to me close my eyes before flicking on the sterile light necessary for precision. I felt her lash comb gently rake through my existing lashes. I felt a light tickling on my eyelids. I heard her voice faintly describe the length of lashes she planned to use on me. And she had just enough time to ask, “would you prefer cat-eye or doll-eye,” before I drifted off into slumber.

To say it was relaxing is an understatement. All my previous anxieties around the process had evaporated and 90 minutes later, my technician ever-so-softly tapped me on the shoulder to tell me she was finished. She passed me the mirror and I took a deep breath in before facing it. The results were better than I could have imagined. My lashes were long and dramatic, yet still maintained the natural, effortless look I hadn’t wanted to sacrifice. There are lots of different options when it comes to choosing the right lashes that will suit your preferences. The lashes come in all different lengths and textures and are completely customizable to fit the shape of your eyes.


Since my first appointment, I have become a bit of a lash junkie. I find them a particularly perfect accessory for the summer, when my daily makeup routine now only involves slathering on a layer of SPF and heading out the door, because I can “wake up pretty” with eyes that aren’t clumped or racoon-ing. Initially, I was worried about the possibility of damaging my lashes, but every technician I have talked to has ensured me that as long as you’re dealing with a professional, the risk is minimal. The extensions are individually attached to your existing lashes one at a time. There is no contact with the root and therefore no disruption to the growth cycle. Extensions will shed naturally with your lashes.

Ask any girl the classic question – You’re stranded on an island with the man of your dreams and are only allowed to bring one makeup product with you, what would it be? 9 out of 10 girls will say mascara, that other chick? Well, she’s me – and she’s already invested in lash extensions and has been mascara-free for months.




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