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Posted on May 28 2013

So you’re probably wondering what the eff is a “WOLFCOP” and what is he doing on the side of our building, right?

coda wolfcop

Well, you don’t know it yet… but WOLFCOP is your favorite movie!  He’s Dirty Harry… Only Hairier. It is a feature film idea about an alcoholic cop with a werewolf curse who is trying to turn his life around while trying to solve a small town murder mystery. Its from a few guys from right here in the QC. Lowell Dean (writer/director), Hugh Patterson (producer) and myself (Bernie Hernando, producer) have entered a 2-minute trailer for WOLFCOP into a national ‘American Idol-style’ competition that gives Canadian filmmakers the opportunity to win a $1,000,000 production budget and the guaranteed screening in Cineplex theatres across Canada!  As teams completed weekly missions, the public would vote, week to week for the top projects they would like to see get made.

Three months ago, there were 90 teams that submitted concept trailers.

Today, there are 10 projects remaining… and WOLFCOP is the LAST Saskatchewan film standing (also the last horror film)!


Wolfcop - poster

Imagine a Saskatchewan-made film on the silver screen?  When have you ever seen that before?  Better yet… when have you ever seen a werewolf cop?  Exactly.  WOLFCOP is too ridiculous not to be made!  But it can only happen with your help!  Beginning Thursday, May 30th, the voting opens up to narrow down to the Top 5 film projects.  From there, the remaining teams are flown to Banff, Alberta for the Banff World Media Festival (June 9-12) where they will be put in the ‘hot seat’ to pitch their film to a panel of industry professionals (and 1 SuperFan)… who will ultimately decide the winning team and the recipient of a $1,000,000 production budget!

WOLFCOP needs your votes and here’s how you can help:

  1. Go to and sign up! Here’s quick video to get you started.
  2. Earn votes! You get 1 vote for signing up.  One vote is cool and all.  But you’ll want more than just one ?  Check out this blog post on how to pick up some sweet & easy votes => Top 10 Quickest Ways to Earn Votes for WOLFCOP
  3. VOTE WOLFCOP!  This LAST and FINAL voting period will only be open Thursday, MAY 30th until Sunday, JUNE 2nd at midnight EST (10:00pm Sask. time).


So make us proud Saskatchewan!  Be part of this hair-raising adventure! Support local! Support #WOLFCOP!




WOLFCOP presidential WEB



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