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Comune: Shades Of Blackness

Posted on May 27 2013

One of the coolest things about this industry is that the people who have brought products to the market haven’t done so in an effort to simply earn a paycheck. The brands that exist in this realm are a result of individuals dedicating their lives to something that is a reflection of the things around them, which serve as constant influence and inspiration.

Companies who come into this marketplace and have any type of staying power, or real value have built themselves on the fact that their so-called following is more of a family than a group of customers. The mindset of the people closest to them is the lifeblood of these brands and a byproduct of this is some of the most honest and truly heartfelt product imaginable.

A great example of this is the way in which Comune has continued to evolve their brand to mirror the state of mind that the people driving them live every day. Not only is this shown in the actual naming of the brand, but also in everything they do, from their clothing and accessories to the visuals that accompany them.

The latest production from Comune comes as a video showcasing Drop City contributor Warren Thomas and his band The Abigails titled Shades of Darkness. The piece is a startlingly intimate perspective that details what has brought Thomas to this point and describes in great detail how things that can be perceived as cool are at times nothing more that smoke and mirrors. Leaving you only with what is real.

At the end of the day, all the experiences in Warren’s life have brought him to where he is today, and that is a place where he is now producing some of the most creative music and visuals anywhere. When you listen to the sounds of The Abigails it is easy to see that they have no time for the polished, ‘show time’ feel that has populated the music scene for years. Instead they offer up a sound that genuinely makes you feel things and evokes emotion in a way that few other acts ever could.

Take a look at Shades of Darkness and the next time you are looking to bring something into your life, even if it is as small as a piece of clothing, remember to hold true to the things that are a reflection of yourself and not what people are simply trying to sell you.


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