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Aren’t We All Just Online Dating?

Posted on May 25 2013

Technology has come a long way in the past 20 years.  I can remember when the “internet” was just a word I heard my elementary school teachers whisper about ominously during our daily hour in the computer labs, where we played “The Yukon Trail” on grey boxy screens. Now, the Internet has become one of the greatest tools of our generation—and boy, have we been utilizing it.  There’s really not much you can’t do online.  From online banking to watching movies.  I’ve even spent entire days shopping while never actually leaving the comfort of my big comfy couch (albeit, my online shopping consists of putting a million things I can’t afford into my cart and seeing how high I can get the grand total before x’ing out of the window in tears).  You can take classes online, gamble, play games and even fall in love online (Catfish, anyone?).


I’ve often scoffed the thought of “online dating,” laughed at the idea of creating a Plenty of Fish profile, and considered rock bottom to be that moment when you pay for an account on…and then I got to thinking, aren’t we all just online dating?

I recently had a flirtatious encounter with a mutual acquaintance of a friend of mine.  We laughed, we danced, and we went home in separate cabs.  In the morning, I awoke to the pinging sound of a Facebook notification—I had a new “friend request”.  The next obvious step, right?  Upon accepting said request, I proceeded to scan through his profile (Helllllo! Profile picture number four) and rate him on his ability to choose a cover photo that complimented his profile picture…among other things.  And that’s when I realized, I was no better than anyone on any of those dating sites, just “looking for love”.

Think back to your last relationship (or the one you’re in now).  How did it start?  Did you Facebook, Tweet, Text him/her before actually calling?  How many times did you peruse their Instagram before deciding to ask them out on a real date?

I heard an old wive’s tale last night…except it wasn’t an old wives tale, because it actually happened this week.  A friend of mine, let’s call him Craig, bought a car from a beautiful blonde girl and upon driving away in his new Ford Escape, realized, what he really wanted was to ask the girl out (a Ford Escape can do wonders for your confidence).  His only problem?—He only had her mom’s email address.  Maybe it was the new car (I swear this isn’t a Ford marketing ploy), maybe he was just feeling lucky, regardless, what happened next was awesome.  My friend emailed the mother to ask if he could take her daughter out, and oh, by the way, could he also get her number?

They’re going on their first date tonight.

So, while I’m all for social media (some might even call me a junkie), I’ve decided it’s time for me to take a tip from Craig and support the more nostalgic ways of courtship.  Or buy a Ford Escape.

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