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Billionaire Boys Club Spring/Summer Delivery Two

Posted on April 30 2013


When Pharrell Williams launched Billionaire Boys Club a few years back it was with the intention of addressing a few things that he thought were lacking in the streetwear and urban fashion markets. Now, well nearing their tenth year in existence, BBC has not only addressed these issues as well as others; they have established themselves as a brand that serves to dictate the direction of this industry and set a massive president to anyone who cares to step into the ring.

Billionaire Boys Club is now producing product season after season, which not only leads the way in terms of it’s quality, they are also on the leading edge of patters, color schemes and materials that the rest of the players in this game will likely spend a season or two trying to keep pace with.

For example when you take a look at the Spring 13 collection from BBC it is clear to see that they have both direction and execution in hand as they embark on an effort to create the most sought after line of the coming months.


With bold prints appearing to make a bit of a comeback over the last year or so, Billionaire Boys Club has taken the trend and eased it into their line so as not to overwhelm, but rather to give the option of shaking things up a bit when the time calls for it.

Outside of this, they also appear to have a firm grasp on the basics creating pieces which are wearable at any time and can be worked in more ways than one to ensure your look comes off as good as you feel when putting it together.

With other pieces in the line like Oxford shirts and contemporary cuts, as well as styling in their jackets, shorts, and pants, it appears as though Spring 2013 will be yet another season that Pharrell’s team at Billionaire Boys Club leads the way.



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