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Billionaire Boys Club Spring 2013

Posted on April 17 2013


Billionaire Boys Club has for years now been one of those brands that never seemed afraid to try new and experimental things. This is something, which comes as little surprise when you look at the roots of the company, along with their companion brand IceCream, who for years have been blazing their own trail in the lifestyle fashion and skateboard worlds.

Little has changed in that regard for the spring of 2013 as the standout brain child of entertainment and artistic superstar Pharrell Williams as the manufacturer contines to bring to life things which are ground-breaking, awe-inspiring and trend setting in more ways than your average brand will ever hope to be.


While recent expansion to include a higher priced segment called “Bee Line” has allowed the company to keep prices for BBC at a reasonable level, they have yet to stray from any of the jaw-dropping tactics that have gotten them where they are today.

Still employing things like bold, all-over prints and innovative, fashion-forward cuts, Billionaire Boys Club hits spring 2013 with even more pop by introducing things like washed denim into their line along with eye-catching color that will add a certain “je ne sais quoi” to your favorite seasonal kit.


The 2013 Spring collection from Billionaire Boys Club appears to be dropping just in time as signs of the season are slowly beginning to make themselves known. The sun is shining, the snow is melting and there seems to be no better time to start bringing your clothes back to life than right now.



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