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Lifetime Collective : Spring/Summer 2013

Posted on April 16 2013

Spring and summer lookbooks are always some of my favorites. This is likely due to the fact that they serve to conjure up images of all the things we love about living in a place that has real seasons. They showcase the changes that happen when transitioning from winter into the warmer months and remind us that no matter how harsh the elements may be, even this time of year that better things are on their way.

Things like trips to the beach, or a favorite hiking trail. Travels with friends or nights spent getting anything but a good sleep, all of which seem to be more easily accomplished when the weather turns in our favor.

One of the greatest captors of this transition, and the activities that go along with, is Lifetime Collective who, thanks to being born in the western Canadian landscape seem to have a firm grasp on just how special these times can be.

Not only do they understand the seasonal changes we experience and the emotional roller coaster that can sometimes come with it, but also they have mastered the concept of taking these sensations and turning them into tangible pieces we can use to show how we are feeling.

Great at using colors, patterns and textures to reflect the time of year as well as the needs that accompany each season, Lifetime continues to bring forward collections that speak to the their audience and put forth a message that they truly understand where that audience is coming from.

It is one thing for the clothes they create help to convey this message, but another all together for the visuals that they produce to go along with them. As it is clear to see in the Spring/Summer 2013 video teaser included here, Lifetime has a genuine direction set for where they will be heading in upcoming seasons and as usual it appears to be a good one.


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