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What Exactly is Understand Us?

Posted on September 13 2012

Understand Us Jim Demeray

What is Understand Us?

A foundation for mental health awareness, focused on a community of people sharing stories and supporting an open, more inclusive community. We want to take the negative connotation of mental health and make it a positive choice to to talk about it. People shouldn’t be afraid to share their struggles with mental disorders.

When did it start?

August 11, 2011

Who started it?

Jim Demeray

What does Understand Us do?

Bridging the gap between service and advocacy, Understand Us will host a website where people can find resources as well as stories centred around enhancing the understanding of mental health issues. Our marketing efforts will be focused around creating a positive impression of mental health instead of the typical negative connotation mental health receives. Giving presentations and developing packages for schools to help youth dealing with mental health issues.

Of all the charities and not-for-profits out there, why support mental health?

When my father passed away, the unhappiness in his life affected me almost more than his passing. I felt a compelling need to help people who struggle with mental illness to ensure they can get the help they need, or at the very least to live a happier, more satisfying life. No one should have to go through life unhappy.

What’s with the t-shirt?

The t-shirt is a symbol for people who want to make a statement of Understanding other Humans and their differences. Proceeds go to establishing Understand Us / the website/ and programs focused around youth mental Health support.

Anyone can make a donation by simply offering your understanding.

Understand Us, Block Logo Tank

Understand Us, Logo Tee

Understand Us, Block Logo Tee


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