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Lisa Lu’s Cupcakery

Posted on July 26 2012

Hi! I’m Lisa, I work at Coda Clothing but more importantly, I LOVE cupcakes. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved to help my Mom bake. This young interest in baking has turned into an absolute passion for cupcakes. Planning the perfect design, selecting best ingredients, making the most delicious icing, and putting it all together to make one extravagant cupcake. That’s what I do at Lisa Lu’s Cupcakery.

Lisa Lu's Cup Cakery


Lisa Lu's Cup Cakery - Deliciousness

“Vanilla Blueberry Wonder”

Lisa Lu's Cup Cakery

“Strawberry Sprinkle”

Lisa Lu's Cup Cakery - chocolate hearts

“Purple Tornado’s”

Lisa Lu's Cup Cakery - Pecans!

“Butter Pecan Caramel Drizzle, make you taste buds go my shizzle!”

Lisa Lu's Cup Cakery - Bow Ties

“Splendid Chocolate Bow Ties”
Lisa Lu's Cup Cakery

“Yummy Baby Duckies”


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