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Posted on July 04 2012

Coda’s Arm Party!

Arm Party, Alexandra Jewelry Co. Aurelie Bracelet $30, Alden Rae Wrap Bracelet $50, C-Pack Cluster Bracelet $25, Stussy Aztec Feather Bracelet $35

You may ask, ‘What is an Arm Party?’

Coined by blogger extraordinaire, Leandra Medine, more famously known as “The Man Repeller” an Arm Party is a series of bracelets, bangles and bands worn together on your wrist. In an interview with INTERMIX, Medine defined the Arm Party as “the act of outfitting one’s wrist in several fancy contents (e.g friendship bracelets, cuffs, leather wrap threads, multiple watches) that blend together in a dynamic way that screams Arm Party (sometimes redefined as a rager, soiree, gathering, fiesta, depending on the nature of said party)”

It’s simple – the more the merrier. Mix and match metals and materials. Chains, studs and wrap bracelets are VIP. Don’t limit yourself to just your wrists, expand down to your fingers with multiple rings. Get both arms involved and throw on a watch and you’ve got yourself a party!

There are no rules – And everyone is always invited!

RSVP of Bracelets from top to bottom: Alexandra Aurelie Bracelet $30, Alden Rae Wrap Bracelet $50, C-Pak Cluster Bracelet $25, Stussy Aztec Feather Bracelet $35


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