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Saxx What?

Posted on May 09 2012

Coda Clothing Muscles @Lindenwilcock

Saxx Underwear have swept the nation with their dangerously comfortable line of premium mens undewear.  The secret lies in the ergonomic comfort pouchfrom the Saxx website, “Allows a man’s package to rest naturally. Designed with no inner seam to prevent irritation.”

Linden Wilcock in front of Coda Clothing & Shoes

That’s right boys, no more irritation for your boys!  Don’t you think it’s time you splurged on the comfort of your meat and two veg? When’s the last time you spoiled your loins?  If you’re like most men, you never have.  Well the time has come to hang up your holey under-garments and put on the evolution of tighty-whitey’s.

Linden Wilcock Outside Coda Clothing & Shoes

There are several different styles of Saxx underwear, each a little more comfortable than the last.  They come in a variety of colors as well, a flashy blue pair is seen in the photos of one, Linden Wilcock, having his own personal Mardi Gras outside Coda last week.  Weirdo.


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