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The Coolest Denim Company in the World!

Posted on April 24 2012

Naked & Famous Denim Logo

Welcome to the coolest denim company in the World. Seriously though, Naked & Famous may in fact be the coolest company in the world because:

  1. They’re a Canadian company.
  2. They’re jeans are so weird you HAVE to talk about them.
  3. They use Japanese denim. Everyone knows Japanese denim is the best.

Making the most unique jeans in the world has many benefits, Naked & Famous has been mentioned in over 63 magazines.

Here are some of the styles we have at Coda:

32oz - Naked & Famous Jeans

The heaviest denim ever created, yeah, it’s that thick. These things can stand on their own….literally, you can stand these jeans up on their own. Not cheap, but if you buy these you’ll never need another pair of jeans as long as you live.

BlanketLinedDoubleDenim - Naked & Famous

For those cold Saskatchewan winter nights you may want to try Blanket Lined double denim.

Cashmere Stretch Denim - Naked & Famous

Sensitive legs? Try Cashmere denim!

Flannel Denim - Naked & Famous

Naked & Famous is obviously a Canadian company making a second pair of jeans for those chilly Bonspiels.

Frankenstein Denim - Naked & Famous

Frankenstein Denim is thick, awkward and weird, just like Frankenstein. You’ll be all the rage in Transylvania in these bad boys.

Glow In The Dark Jeans - Naked & Famous

You read correctly, these jeans DO glow in the dark. You’ll be a hit at the disco, roller derby, techno dance party, Skrillex concert and Laser Quest.

Hemp Denim Jeans - Naked & Famous

Settle down ya stoner, you can’t smoke these jeans. They’re comfy as hell though!

Just Grey Naked & Famous

They don’t glow in the dark but they do look great with a light blue T-shirt!

Linen Blend Double Weave - Naked & Famous

These are probably the most comfortable jeans you’ll ever clothe your legs with. Yes you can sleep in them and no, they’re not pajamas.

Just Red - Naked & Famous

Bright colored jeans are all the rage right now. These red wonders are very comfortable and work great if you cheer for the Cincinnati Reds.

Scratch N Sniff - Naked & Famous

Yes, these jeans ARE scratch n’ sniff, just like those stickers you had as a kid. Your legs will be smelling raspberry fresh at all times.

Stainless Steel Denim - Naked & Famous

Having trouble with your jeans rusting? Those aluminum jeans of yours falling apart? Forget those other metal jeans, these are actually made with stainless steel. You’re guaranteed to set off the metal detector in the airport with these.

Wax Coated Stretch Denim - Naked & Famous

Wax coated stretchy pants! Yes these jeans will give you the tight look you want, the stretch you need and a wax coating so you can get a dirty as you like and not worry about staining them. You’ll never find a more versatile jean.


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