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You’re Never Too Big For Rubber Boots

Posted on March 31 2012

Hunter Rubber Boots at Coda Clothing

My younger sister and I had many favourite books growingup, amongst them was Big Sarah’s Little Boots. Sarah loved her yellow rubber boots. She loved the freedom of running and jumping anywhere she pleased and jumping in the biggest puddles she could find. But one day, her boots wouldn’t fit on her feet. Convinced they had shrunk, Sarah tried to stretch them any way she could. How did tying the toes to her bicycle and the other end to her brother’s tricycle while they drove in opposite directions not work? When her mom tells her it’s time to buy new rubber boots because she has grown too big for her old ones Sarah is incredibly disappointed.

Big Sarah's Little Boots


Vintage Yellow Hunter Rubber Boots at Coda Clothing

So, you can only imagine my excitement when we unpacked the new Spring Hunter boots. Alas, Sarah and I can have yellow rubber boots again.

Vintage Yellow Hunter Rubber Boots at Coda Clothing

Black Gloss Hunter Rubber Boots at Coda Clothing

And still look super cute jumping in puddles.


xo Chelsea Lee


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