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Button Downs: Summer Sale Naked and Famous Edition

Posted on July 19 2019

Tis' the season of weddings, lawn bowling and everything else involving beer and a good time. This usually means you're searching for the right outfit that you like or if so, your partner wants you to wear (because matching is important, remember). What better time to stock up on some new button downs than SALE SEASON!
For you fellas, here are our top 5 SALE button downs by Naked and Famous that are a steal of a deal.

 1. Naked & Famous, S/S Easy Shirt- Flower Print

naked and famous Button down short sleeve YQR Local Shop

The name says it all, easy. This button down is b one of our favorite Canadian brands, Naked and Famous. The design is perfect for those who are going to a summer wedding and looking to keep the attention up top. 
We suggest pairing it with a pair of straight or skinny khakis. In terms of fit, we recommend going up a size, sometimes they tend to fit on the tighter side.

WAS: $134.00

NOW: $107.99


2. Naked & Famous, S/S Easy Shirt- Vintage Mod

Naked and Famous Local Style YQR Shop Button Down Short Sleeve

We're still hooked on the Easy Shirt by Naked and Famous. Why? Because it's easy and everyone loves easy. 

The print is perfect for those who don't want to wear boring clothes to the office. Well, any print is better than a plain button down, let's be honest.

WAS: $129.00

NOW: $77.99



3. Naked & Famous, Regular Shirt- Classic Flannel, Tomato

Naked and Famous Button Down Orange Flannel YQR Shop Local

 We told you not to be a Plain Jane, but this is different because color. If you do not own any color in  your wardrobe, buy this.

WAS: $150.00

NOW: $44.99


 4. Naked and Famous, S/S Easy Shirt- Cat Sketches

naked and famous Button down Cat sketches YQR shop local

Who doesn't enjoy a shirt with a boat load of cats on it?

Ya, you do. Also, this shirt takes you from about a Dwight Shrute level to a Michael Scott status, so just think about that for a hot minute..

WAS: $139.00

NOW: $109.99


5. Naked and Famous, Easy Shirt- Allover Flowers

Naked and Famous Button Down Shop Local YQR Long Sleeve 

 Here is the shirt that you won't want to take off.

This version of the Easy Shirt is one of our favorites in store. It is super soft and light weight, meaning no matter the weather you can still wear it. It's perfect for the office, lawn bowling season and of course, summer weddings.

The print is surprising easy to combine other colors with since there are so many options incorporated into the shirt.

You're welcome.

WAS: $199.00

NOW: $159.99



Well folks, these are our top 5 picks from our summer sale items. To see what more we've got marked down, click here or pop by in store!


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