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Gentle Fawn: The Power of Versatility

Posted on June 07 2019

A full closet is absolutely not a bad thing, but a non-versatile closet is. Sometimes finding pieces that you can wear for more than one occasion can feel next to impossible, especially when you have clothes that you can wear outside of work but not to work. Feel me? 

Hey #CadeBabes, Jess here! The above statement was a huge struggle for me. I found working two jobs in two different settings, with two different dress codes meant having a billion items that basically acted as fillers and space takers in my closet. However, I found the best solution to adding versatility into the clothes I owned and future purchases: Gentle Fawn

Gentle Fawn is a brand that creates pieces that are effortless, timeless and feminine. Founded in Vancouver, B.C (Oh how we love our fellow Canadians) by Daniel and Carla Hogg in 2003, the brand aims to design apparel that is up to the latest trends while offering women that day in and night out option. AKA, versatile.

Gentle Fawn Coda Cade Regina YQR Saskatchewan Versatility

We love a good dress pant and we love a good Gentle Fawn dress pant even more. A pant that you can throw a blazer over top with a plain white tee (which every human should always have in their closet) to wear to work BUT throw on a sexy body suit to hit the down with your gals is a must. Having a dress pant that has the ability to play both parts is not only going to save you room in your closet, but it is the best way to get the use out of the piece that you paid for. 

Gentle Fawn Coda Cade Versatility Shorts Blazer Stripes

Here is the blazer that you need.

I think a lot of individuals feel blazers can only be and should be used as a business professional look. But I say heck to that! Blazers are meant to be a classic piece, which means versatility. So, jeans, shorts, dress pants, tights, dresses, skirts, and the list goes on.

In the photo above you can see this blazer has matching shorts. I love a matching set, especially with a pattern as such. You are not limited to wearing the set solely together, but rather without one another. Without the blazer with a plain black tank/tee is such a great way to make the shorts the visual of your outfit, while giving a classy yet casual feel. This is a go out, drink sangria on the patio with your pals kinda look. But wait, add that blazer over top, a black pump and grab your bag for work. 


Gentle Fawn Coda Cade Blouse Jeans Jeffrey Campbell Boots

I always feel as though I cannot find that versatile blouse. I look in my closet and feel like nothing is dressy enough for that office job. But Gentle Fawn always steers me to that cute little short sleeve blouse. Here I paired it with a pair of jeans with a brown bootie for more of a casual take. But I actually love wearing it with a pull on pair of black dress pants, white dress pants and my pleather leggings to the office. As a human who is cold even in plus 25 degrees, I love wearing a blazer over top to act as a sweater but also give it that touch of a business professional dress code. 

Gentle Fawn Blouse Summer Shorts YQR Shop Local Coda Cade

I cannot get enough of this blouse! It actually isn't this cropped but with the buttons in the front you have the ability to tie it where ever you please. In order for me to wear this to work, I like it buttoned all the way down with a white, wide leg dress pant. For that casual feel, get your favorite vintage Levi's out and rock it with a cute white sneaker

Cade Style Lounge YQR Local Gentle Fawn Tshirt Cute

Can we take a minute to appreciate the back detail on this Adria Tee? I love my t-shirts but I love when a designer incorporates a small detail that makes the item just a bit more special. Cade Style Lounge YQR Local Gentle Fawn Tshirt Cute

These are only a few examples of the items I try to incorporate into my wardrobe. But my biggest take away is: if you are looking for versatility between work and play, give Gentle Fawn a serious go. The pieces are made with fabric and material that is meant for both and incredibly comfortable. I know I cannot be the only human out there who is picky about the feeling of a fabric. Play around pieces. Do not be scared to have a bit of fun with one piece in different settings with different pieces. 

Coda Cade Shop Local Gentle Fawn Tank Silk

Shop Gentle Fawn here.


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