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Meet The Fam: Ashley Edition

Posted on April 29 2019

Coda Cade Free People Local YQR denim Levis
Meet this ray of sunshine, Ashley. Hangin' with the Coda and Cade family since September 2017, Ash continues to impress us everyday with her ability to do it all! Studying full time at the U of R (watch out world, this girl is going to dominate), serving at Leo's NOD and helping YOU find the perfect wardrobe.
Free People YQR Local Chaser jacket Teddybear Cade
In Ash's closet you can find multiple pairs of Jeffrey Campbell heels. This is her favorite brand in the store because "every shoe he designs and produces is edgy and unique. He has the ability to take any particular style of shoe that other brands are making and tweak it in a way that differentiates his from the rest". Well said Ash, well said.
If this Cade babe could be any shoe she'd be a neutral sock bootie with a chunky heel and pointed toe. Why? Because SEXY,SOPHISTICATED and MEMORABLE. Did you just fall more in love with her because we did..
Ash is one of those people who values friendships more than anything. She would tell you that one of her biggest accomplishments would be the friendships she has made. She is proud of the people who she holds close to her. Ash has met some pretty amazing and genuine kind humans over the years. And she would be one of those humans that we like to hold close to our hearts, too.
Hey Ash, what's your fav treat? We all know that treats can be one of the best ways to a heart. The secret to Ashley's, chocolate covered almonds. You're welcome.
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Ash has been such a wonderful human to know and such a special part of the Coda and Cade fam. Her personality lights up an entire room. And it lights up even more if  you fill that room with treats.  And if you haven't met this gem, we highly recommend taking a Thursday morning and coming down to introduce yourself (with chocolate covered almonds). However, we warn you: if you make this girl laugh, it is VERY contagious!
Is the juice worth the squeeze? Damn rights it is.


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