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Meet The Fam: Emily Edition

Posted on June 27 2019

Have you met our newest addition to the Coda and Cade fam? 
If not, meet Emily!
Em, is a bowl full of sass and needless to say, we absolutely love it.

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1. How long have you been a part of the Coda and Cade fam jam?
"I've been part of the Coda and Cade family for just over 3 months now". 


2. What is your favourite brand in the store? Why?
"That's a tough one. But I would probably say Z Supply! They have such great basics that are essential in anyone's wardrobe. But, they also create pieces that are statement options all while keeping comfort and versatility in mind". 


3. If you could be any shoe, what would you be?
"Well, I love sneakers, so I would probably choose to be an Air Max 97! Those shoes are such classics yet bring a modern edge to any outfit. My favourite thing about these sneakers is the diverse colour ways they come in. It allows anyone to wear them in a way to express themselves and/or their style". 


4. What is your BIGGEST achievement?
"For sure being part of 5 Days for the Homeless this year. The experience of giving up the basics and sleeping outside for 5 days has impacted me in so many ways. With that, I have become so much more aware of the privilege I carry in this world and I try to spread that message within my friend groups. I truly think we all have so much more love we can give to one another every day and that is what the 5 Days for the Homeless really drove home for me". 
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5. We all love a good treat, so what's your favourite treat?
"RICE KRISPIE SQUARES!!!!!!( Homemade though, none of that pre-packaged nonsense)".
*On your next visit to see Em in the store, we highly recommend bringing her a treat*


6. What's a quote you are constantly saying?
"You gotta risk it to get the biscuit".
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7. What is your fav movie?
"Ratatouille, for sure!"


8. When you're not at Coda and Cade, where can we find you?
"You can find me sippin' an iced coffee or cuddling with my cars, or a combo of both"
You can find this girl at the store throughout the week and on Saturday's! Make sure you come by with some iced coffee and rice krispies and of course some sass. 
Give Em an Instagram follow at:



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