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Meet The Fam: Riley Edition

Posted on May 08 2019

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Doesn't that smile just make you melt?! 
The gal behind this heart melting smile is Riley. Ri has been with the Coda and Cade fam jam for almost a year- oh how time flies. You may know this gem as entrepreneur, Riley Lawson: Style and Confidence Coach, who has truly been making an impact with women and helping them feel confident with their bodies and their closets! 
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Riley has taught us all a lot, and has offered us some really inspiring outlooks on life and most importantly ourselves. However, if you asked Riley what her life motto is, she'd respond with, " My life motto changes a lot depending on my focus, but probably just one word: freedom. Freedom to live a life of my own design, fearlessly curate the people within it, freedom to be my unapologetic, authentic expression of self at all times and continue to work toward freeing myself from comparisons." 
Cade Coda Shop Local YQR Gentle Fawn Knit Tank
Riley is incredibly talented in the fashion realm. In fact, if you want to see fashion, follow this girl. One of her favourite brands in store is Gentle Fawn because it fits all her style selves. With the ample amount of versatility within their collections, Riley is able to capture a professional side, playful and simplistic side of her style. 
However, if this gal was a shoe, she'd be the most metallic or sparkly thing you ever did see- kind of like her, unforgettable. 
The best way to Riley's heart? Show her that you are capable of self love, show her positivity and how you think highly of yourself... oh, and chocolate. 
If you know Riley, you know she is a firm believer in self love, something that many people struggle to do. So, when she's not working her heart out at the store, she's coaching women to rebuild their confidence from the inside out by using mindset shifts to quiet the negative internal dialogue and utilizing style to express the truest, most confident self. 
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We consider ourselves beyond lucky to have this gal in our family. We're proud of her ability to help lift women up in her own business, but we're also proud of her ability to always bring a new light to our team. She has offered a boat load of lessons, stories, success and smiles to our family and for that we consider ourselves lucky. 
Riley is usually hanging at the store from Tuesday mornings to Saturday afternoons, so stay tuned with the Cade Instagram (@CadeStyleLounge) to find out when your next visit will be! 


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