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Meet The Fam: Sarah Edition

Posted on May 31 2019

Meet Sarah.
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Sarah joined the Coda and Cade family in May of 2017, well the Soles of Whitmore fam. Working hard to provide her customers with not only an amazing shopping experience, but she educated herself on the brands carried within the Soles of Whitmore inventory. Once moving over to Coda and Cade, Sarah brought her strong skills to focus around clothing, and educating herself on the newest brands, while also spending all of her money because she LOVED and NEEDED basically everything (it happens to most of us who work here). 
With the change in stores, Sarah found herself in love with the Free People brand. Yes, a brand that most individuals NEED to carry in their closet. I repeat, Free People is a NEED, not just a want (you're welcome to all the individuals who have to justify the newest Free People item that they bring home and their partner asks WHY ARE YOU BRINGING HOME ANOTHER ITEM?!) If you asked why Sarah loves this brand, she'd tell you: "Because every piece has something special and unique about it". Spot on, sister, spot on.
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Taking after her sister, Jess, Sarah has not only gathered a solid wardrobe but her shoe collection is very impressive. If we could see Sarah as a shoe, she would absolutely be a fall bootie. We say this because this girl looooves a good bootie. A good Jeffrey Campbell bootie at that. So for all of you size 8 women who also love Jeffrey Campbell boots, here is the individual buying all of the size 8s. 
Sarah is a very creative and artistic individual. In her spare time you can find her sitting in her room watching/ listening to Maury and painting her heart out. Sarah has always had a talent for painting and drawing. You can find her painting pictures of her dogs (because, well, dogs..) abstract images and creating a way of showing an emotion and feeling through paint. Her art is something she is very proud of and she damn well should be.
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As mentioned previously, you can find Sarah sitting in her room painting. But you can also find Sarah taking advantage of her down time by enjoying an 8 pack of chicken nuggets from McDonalds while watching the next big show. Currently, it is 90 Day Fiance. But her noon hours are usually booked up with last week's episode of Maury. 
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Sarah has been such a sweet part of the Coda and Cade fam for the past two years. We love to watch her grow and are proud of the accomplishments she has made academically and within the world! We look forward to many more years and many more awkward looks whenever we hear her say "what the butt cheeks". 
Thank you for working your 'butt cheeks' off on every shift and constantly telling customers to bring their dogs shopping. 
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Catch this gal at the store Monday-Saturday. Check the Cade Instagram to find out when she's on the floor and come visit! She'll never say no to an iced coffee or a steeped tea double double. 


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