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Naked And Famous: Your Denim Tips

Posted on September 06 2019

If you aren't familiar with the denim brand, Naked and Famous let's give you a quick low down!

Naked and Famous Denim is created right here in our home country, Canada (eh, love us some fellow Canadians). Rather than spending a boat load of cash on advertising, they focus on sourcing the world's best fabrics in order to create the BEST DENIM. Thus, the team heads to Japan a couple times per year to find new fabrics and work with denim mills to develop some of the WEIRDEST denim. By weird we mean; glow in the dark, scratch-n-sniff and so much more. Weird, but we friggin' love it!

Naked and Famous Denim uses raw denim, which means that the denim has never been washed or undergone any distressing and washing processes. This results in a stiffer fabric and a deeper wash to the denim.

TIP: Since the denim is unwashed this means that if you spill on your pants, we suggest throwing the entire pair in the wash rather than just washing the said spot with the spill. Why? Because if you only wash the spilt area you will be left with a random spot on your jeans that are a different colour. This again is because of the raw denim.

How often should you wash raw denim?

We don’t mean to sound gross but we suggest holding off until about 6 months to 1 year. You are by no means restricted to this! Every single pair is different. By not washing your jeans you will increase the lifetime of them. Another idea that some people think is just BONKERS is, throw your raw denim in the freezer for about 24 hours. This helps kill that bacteria without throwing your jeans in the washing machine.

Even though we suggest holding off on washing your denim as much as possible, this is only a suggestion. Everyone is different and has different preferences.

How do Naked and Famous Denim fit?

In the shop we carry consistently: Weird Guy, Easy Guy, Skinny Guy and sometimes Super Guy.

TIP: Each of these fits do stretch out a bit so we suggest trying on your true size as well as going down one size. Remember: Your Naked and Famous Denim will relax and form to your body and will lose the stiffness the more you wear them. It’s kind of like wearing in a pair of shoes.

Weird Guy: The Weird Guy is the standard tapered fit. Tapered from the knee down to the ankle hem, the leg is still slim yet offers a bit of a baggier feel. For someone with thicker thighs, this is a jean you should for sure try on.

Naked and Famous Denim Raw Denim Canadian Weird Guy Fit

Easy Guy: The Easy Guy is a very laid back, lose fit. A bit more wiggle room from the butt down to the knee, finishing with a sharp taper from the knee down to the ankle hem. Again, someone with a bit more upper leg and butt, this is a great fit for you.

Naked and Famous Denim Raw Denim Canadian Easy Guy Fit

Skinny Guy: The Skinny Guy offers a slim yet straight fit all the way from the hip down to the ankle hem. For guys who like a straight leg but NO taper or bag, this fit would be perfect for you.

Naked and Famous Denim Raw Denim Skinny Guy Fit Canadian

Super Guy: We don’t carry too many pairs of Super Guy but it is similar to the Skinny Guy. A bit slimmer from the hip down to the knee and then a sharp taper from the knee down to the ankle hem. For someone who likes a skinnier jean, this would be a good fit.

Naked and Famous Denim Raw Denim Canadian Super Guy Fit

Keep in mind, that even though we may not have a fit in stock, we are ALWAYS open to special ordering you a pair with our next shipment.  

We find a lot of people who try Naked and Famous Denim for the first time can be weary of the idea of raw denim. But there are actually a ton of benefits to it! Plus, almost everyone who purchases a pair ends up being long time Naked and Famous Denim customers. We highly suggest trying out these Canadian made jeans, even if it is out of your comfort zone.


Pop by the shop and let us help you find the perfect fit!

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