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Return of the Flare

Posted on February 11 2019

As Eminem would say, "guess who's back, back again?" and we'd all reply "FLARE DENIM." But yes, we are way excited to be bringing back the flared jean through Free People and Articles of Society. 

It's been a minute since we've last enjoyed a good flare jean. Remember when you wanted a flare but not a big flare, skinny but not super skinny? But now we want more flare and less skinny, which is exactly what we're getting from Articles of Society and Free People

Believe it or not the flare was first seen in the 19th century where those sexy sailors wore them as they sailed the ocean. Quickly becoming a massive fashion statement in the 60's, the flare pant was seen almost everywhere and by everyone. As the trends changed, we moved away from the flare pant and into the realm of skinny. However, we're beyond excited to be welcoming back one of the greatest fashion trends of all time.

Articles of Society has created the best remake of a 1970's flare jean. Tighter around the thigh and flaring out under the knee with a high waist, the Bridgette- Summer 69 is a great way to bring a retro vibe into your wardrobe.


Flare Denim Articles of Society Jeffrey Campbell

Adding a pointed toe boot such as the Siren by Jeffrey Campbell is such an easy way to dress up any denim. But we do love the way Kealey dressed the Bridgette- Summer 69's with our favourite Free People, Solid Rib Brami and the Saltwater Luxe Lined Bomber Jacket. 

Flare Denim Lined Bomber Jacket Articles of Society


Free People has also blessed us with some kick ass denim. In fact a full two piece. The Dust in the Wind set is the most amazing set we have had hit our floor yet. The denim is soft, comfortable and sits really well on the body. Meaning it isn't tight and suffocating. The set itself is bold, but we LOVE bold. 


Free People Dust in the Wind Denim Set Wide Leg Pant

We're still a sucker for a high waisted jean but one with a wide leg all the way down, we're speechless. Since the denim is such a light wash, these jeans would look amazing with a tucked in plain white tee and a leather jacket. With sets such as this one, don't be afraid to split it up and wear each piece differently! 


Free People Flare Denim Dust In The Wind Set Clothing Regina

Try stepping out of your comfort zone, do yourself a favour and get yourself into a pair of these flares.  You can have a lot of fun with them while bringing a taste of retro to your style. Remember a high waisted jean is such a great way to show off the smallest part of your body and emphasize it. 
For more denim information and help, visit us in store and let us help you find your perfect flares!


Your Cade Babes


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