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The Giving Keys

Posted on March 13 2019

Sometimes we all just need a little reminder and to pay it forward. 

Thanks to The Giving Keys Founder and CEO, Caitlin Crosby we have those little reminders with us always. Caitlin, an entrepreneur, actress and singer/song writer or as we see it, a Jack of all trades, began selling these stamped keys while on tour for her album Flawz. Not only is Crosby an artist, she is also a leader who aims to build confidence in every individual. Thus, she was honored to be chosen by Oprah Winfrey to be included in Oprah's Super Soul 100, which focuses around leaders who utilize their voice to lift humanity. 

These stamped keys are now The Giving Keys. 

The Giving Keys Inspiration Entrepreneur Leadership

The Giving Keys isn't just a brand, it's an experience. Being in over 1,400 stores many individuals wear these pieces proudly as the words stamped across the keys impact these individuals with their words. Not only do The Giving Keys create impact but they create opportunity. They have provided opportunities for over 100 individuals who are transitioning out of homelessness. 

The Giving Keys Opportunity Working Experience Leadership

The Giving Keys make one of the most meaningful gifts. Whether it is to someone you know, yourself or a complete stranger, that one inspiring, stamped word can have a larger impact on an individual than one may know. 

From their array of designs, The Giving Keys has something for everyone. They also happen to be one of our favourite jewellery lines, as EVERY piece is incredibly versatile yet meaningful. At Coda and Cade we believe in supporting brands who believe in us. Who support and believe in the growth in humanity, confidence and kindness. Who want to make a difference in our world.

And ultimately, believe in you! 

The Giving Keys Pay It Forward Jewellery

Sometimes someone needs that little reminder, so pay it forward with The Giving Keys.


The Giving Keys Love Faith Create Jewellery

The Giving Keys Love Faith Create Inspiration Jewellery

The Giving Keys Love Faith Create Inspiration Jewellery


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